Since the Canadian Hip-Hop superstar Drake brought out the grime OG, "Skepta" at a Section Boyz show last year, the world has become infatuated with the genre of music known as, "Grime". The common misconception about the East London-based genre is that it is a sub-genre under the larger umbrella of Hip-Hop but in fact, the music originates from the roots of reggae, bashment, dancehall, drum, and bass music respectively. The London-based grime MC, "Stormzy" (who was born Micheal Omari) of Ghanian heritage is a byproduct of this complex and multi-faceted musical genre that has begun its infant stages of becoming an impactful musical revolution.

As articulated in this article, Grime evolved into its own unique musical arena in 2002 about 3,500 miles from the birthplace of Hip-Hop when "Wiley" and "Dizzee Rascal" were documenting their hardships over 140 bpm instrumentals while frantically switching up their mesmerizing flows. Stormzy is a result of the epic freestyle done by Skepta on Tim Westwood TV and Stormzy showcased this on his breakout series of Wicked Skengman releases that has him emphatically pushing himself into Hip-Hop's and Grime's arena through his uniquely precise and clever flows. These freestyles over staple grime beats would produce a healthy amount of buzz for Stormzy which would prime him to release his first 2014 EP, "Dreamers Disease". After performing the internet sensational song, "Shut Up" at heavyweight boxing match between the premier British fighters Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte, the song would launch into the Top 40 charts. Prior to Stormzy releasing his debut 2017 album, "Gang Signs and Prayers" he would release the sizzling non-album single, "Scary" to prime his fans for his epic debut album.

Stormzy's debut album has the MC showcasing his abilities to be the leader for British's popular grime musical scene by asserting himself and obliterating all barriers to entry into the British mainstream musical scene. The album's scintillating introduction song in, "First Things First" has the MC introducing himself and setting the tone for the album with the lyrics: "Still here tryna' find another blessing/ I'm over-loyal man I'll ride for what I'm repping/ Dark times, niggas dying in recession/You was fighting with your girl when I was fighting my depression/. As Stormzy explains in this Fader interview,  he wanted to make an album that truly represented himself and intended to kickstart his album with a track that has Stormzy unapologetically addressing all the rumors (about his legal issues, fighting depression and his disappearance from Grime's musical arena) while simultaneously revealing more about himself than ever before. This great introduction combined with multiple versatile tracks such as "Cold", "Velvet", "Bad Boys"  and "Cigarettes and Cush" (that features a rising star in Oakland's very own Kehlani) makes for an outstanding debut album that will surely combat almost any artist for 2017's album of the year. 

We encourage you to check out and purchase Stormzy's debut album, "Gang Signs and Prayers"!

Stormzy - Shut Up

Stormzy - Big For Your Boots

We all knew Michael Jackson, we all knew Amy Winehouse, because they told us everything in their music. To be the artist that I want to be, I’ve got to be vulnerable.
— Direct Quote from Stormzy during The Fader Interview