Swizz Beats

The birthplace of Hip-Hop known as the South Bronx has cultivated some of the most influential and significant cornerstones of Hip-Hip history in various aspects that include many legendary MC's, Disc Jockey's and producers respectively. One of the core aesthetics of Hip-Hop that is known as DJ'ing has inspired many initial DJ's to expand their talents within this core Hip-Hop aesthetic to become a bonafide musical producer. Among these examples, is the South Bronx native who was born, "Kasseem Dean" but is better known as, "Swizz Beats" to the rest of the music industry and beyond. 

Swizz was raised in a legendary environment, with the parties being thrown by "DJ Kool Herc" and "Grandmaster Flash" who popularized the technique of scratching records during performances. Swizz evolved from being immersed in the early development of Hip-Hop's culture and would use the studio time granted to him by his Uncle who worked with big name artists such as Irv Gotti. As articulated in this DJ Vlad interview, Swizz would initially rework (remix) the hottest songs early in his career by adding additional production over the instrumentals to use for his mixtapes that he would sell while cutting hair at the local barbershop. Swizz also details in this interview, how he was making thirty to seventy beats a day to sharpen and hone his skills as a producer to be ready for the opportunity to produce one of the biggest hits for DMX in 1998 known today as the "Ruff Ryders Anthem"

Since 1998, Swizz has contributed on over 160 albums that have amassed records sales over 100 million copies and has produced career hit singles for some of the music industries most notable and talented artists that include, "Jay-Z", "Beyonce", "T.I.", "Busta Rhymes", "Kanye West" and "DMX"Aside from his success in the music industry, Swizz has also experienced success in the business arena as well by owning a stake in, "Monster" (the company behind Dr. Dre's ultra successful line of Dre Beats Headphones) and by being accepted into a very exclusive and prestigious class for Harvard University

Most recently, Swizz has broken the internet with a live beat showdown against the legendary producer, "Just Blaze" that has both the producers sparring each other with unreleased and scintillating production work. 

We encourage you to check out the extensively impressive production discography from Swizz here and some of best production below as well! 

DMX - Ruff Ryders' Anthem (Produced by Swizz Beats)

T.I. - Bring Em Out (Produced by Swizz Beats) 

Busta Rhymes - Touch It Remix (Produced by Swizz Beats)

Drake - Fancy (Produced by Swizz Beats)