Terrace Martin

The fusion of Jazz and Hip-Hop has always been a beautiful combination and producers such as the Compton veteran, "DJ Quik" has always illuminated in his music. Rightfully so, DJ Quik has openly admitted that he fully co-sings and supports the movement and the work the Los Angeles bred Grammy Award winning multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, "Terrace Martin" has cultivated over the last decade. Terrace Martin was born on February 25th, 1985  in Los Angeles, California and was raised in a home where both his parents were musicians which would ultimately transform him into a multi-instrumentalist.

In this interview with Hardknock TV,  Terrace details how at the age of 13 he was inspired to learn to play his first instrument in the Alto Saxophone due to a suggestion from a beautiful dominican woman after one of his father's Jazz shows. Martin learned that night that playing the Saxophone masterfully was a way he could tell his story musically and serenade the women as well as he started to develop into a young man. As a young musical prodigy at the age of 17, he won a scholarship from Jay Leno for being one of the top musicians in the country in which Jay payed for Terrace's first professional Saxophone (King Super 20 Silver Sonic Alto Saxophone year 1967) and his full tuition for the California Institute of Arts. Terrace attended school for a short amount of time but decided he wanted to become a professional musician and eventually was even taken under the wings of the world renowned Jazz musician, "Billy Higgins" as a mentor. Since Terrace was 18 years old he was groomed by a West Coast legend in, "Snoop Dogg" and Snoop would gifted Terrace the opportunity of a lifetime to do a song with another legendary musician and one of Terrace's favorite artists in, "Quincy Jones" as he details in this interview.  Martin also reveals in this interview how big of an influence the legendary West Coast pioneer musician in, "DJ Battlecat" has been to his own music and how much he greatly respects his craft. In this interview, Terrace also details how one of his dreams came true being able to meet and work closely with the legendary, "DJ Quik" on Snoop Dog's album, "Ego Trip" . One of Terrace's first major beat placements was for ,"213" funky groove titled, "Joystic" with the legendary, "Nate Dogg" on the hook. Since 2007, Terrace Martin has released over 15 musical masterfully cultivated mixtapes and albums which includes a project with the Los Angeles bred MC, "Murs" on the project, "Melrose". Terrace's Jazz musicianship is what separates his music apart from his peers and accordingly is what makes two of his newest projects, "3ChordFold" (2013) & "Velvet Portraits" (2016) musical masterpieces in their own respects. His elite musicianship even landed him on Kendrick's musical masterpieces in, "To Pimp A Butterfly" & "Untitled Unmastered"Terrace is currently a staff producer for the legendary, "Quincy Jones", "Snoop Dogg", "Wiz Khalifa", Top Dawg Entertainment and he also works with Dr. Dre as well.  

We encourage you to check out Terrace's music below and be sure to buy his new album, "Velvet Portraits" that was released underneath his own record label, "Sounds of Crenshaw"


Terrace Martin - Get Away

I started producing hip-hop tracks because it was the music of my time, but I never lost my love for jazz
— Direct Quote from Terrace Martin

Terrace Martin & Problem - Something Else

Terrace Martin - Triangle Ship

 Terrace Martin - Curly Martin