The Game

In the mid 2000's the West Coast Hip-Hop scene was starving for a new phenom to carry the West Coast back to it's glory days that are akin to the legacies of Compton's own Dr. Dre and "DJ Quik ". Fortunately enough for Hip-Hop, Dr. Dre once again found a gem in the underground rap scene just as he did with the Hip Hop superstars, Eminem & "50 Cent" when he signed Compton's own, "Jayceon Terell Taylor" who is better known as, "The Game", born on November 29th, 1979. Growing up in Compton Game lived a troubled childhood as his relationship between his mother and father grew turbulent when his father began using PCP and would be caught by The Game doing inappropriate sexual acts with his little sister as Game explains in this documentary.  As Jayceon become a teenager the gang-banging environment that surrounded him forced him to join the Cedar Block Piru Gang while in High School in order to stay close with his older, "Big Fase 100" who is also a Cedar Block Piru gang-member. As Game explains in this documentary, he decided to take the route of quitting the basketball team in high school in order to become a full time gang-banger and drug dealer in Compton. On October 1st, 2001 The Game was shot 5 times after a late night drug deal went bad at him and his brother's apartment in Compton as he explains in this documentary. After a waking up from a three-day coma shortly after Dr. Dre dropped Chronic 2001, he found out that his first child was on the way and so Game decided to take another route to provide for himself and his family respectively. Growing up, Game's grandmother coined his stage name as he was always down to do anything and was always a quick learner. He proved his nickname fitted as he would study classic albums such as Nas', "Illmatic" and Snoop Dogg's, "Doggystyle"  and would begin to sharpen his MC skills and would take only two years of rapping before the legendary Dr. Dre caught wind of one of the MC's first demo mixtapes and requested to meet with him. In this documentary, Game explains how het Dr. Dre for the first time and when he was playing his Demo for Dre. It would only take Dre hearing one verse from Game's Demo for him to stop the song and immediately tell Game, "I want to sign you" (2003). From there Game would capitalize on this once in a lifetime opportunity to take his musical career to the next level.

Once Game was signed to Dr.Dre's Aftermath Record Label, he would be molded and shaped into a Hip-Hop superstar by Dre as he would give Game insight on how to fully use his musical potential. While working on his first album, Game released multiple mixtapes that included the classic tapes, "You Know What It Is Volume 1 " and "You Know What It Is Volume 2". In this documentary, Game explains that his management team along with the record label wanted to put The Game in 50 Cent's, "G-Unit" crew as it would give him the proper exposure before debuting his first album. In 2005, The Game would drop his debut album, "The Documentary" that featured executive production from Dr. Dre and features from Nate Dogg, Kanye West and Eminem. The album would go on to be Game's best work becoming a certified double platinum selling album in the United States and over 5 million albums worldwide. The album is became a staple by being one of the main reasons for bringing back the West Coast Hip Hop scene and a classic Hip-Hop album. Unfortunately, due to internal conflicts and Game not siding with 50 Cent during one of his beefs with Nas & Fat Joe, Game would be kicked out of G-Unit for not being loyal to his G-Unit camp. The Game would prove his lyrical abilities to be unparalled when it comes diss rapping as he would drop this 300 Bar Freestyle (along with this Stop Snitching Stop Lying mixtape)  and would virtually destroy the music career of all the former G-Unit members by forming a G-Unot movement. The Game would go on to be a notorious MC for destroying rap careers for any of those who are brave enough to diss game on a track. 

After his legendary debut, The Game would continue to deal with his personal trials and tribulations while simultaneously releasing 7 successful studio albums and 14 critically acclaimed mixtapes over the last 10 years. The Game cemented his legacy as a West Coast veteran by recently dropping a critically acclaimed sequel to his debut album with, "The Documentary 2". We encourage you to check out his extensive and notorious discography and some of his best songs below!

The Game & Kendrick Lamar - On Me

The Game - How We Do

The Game - Let's Ride

The Game - Never Can Say Goodbye

The Game & Tyler The Creator - Martians Vs Goblins

The Game & J. Cole - Pray