Thundercat is an absolute savant on the bass. From his memory, it's always been about music and more importantly about always playing the bass. "Stephen Bruner", better known as, "Thundercat", the bassist, singer and producer from Los Angeles, California that has always had a passion for music and was destined to become a full pledged musician due to his upbringing inside a professional musical household. His father, "Ronald Bruner Sr." is the renowned drummer from Compton who has worked with legendary artists such as, "The Temptations" & "Diana Ross". While Thundercat's brother, "Ronald Bruner Jr." is a Grammy-Award winning drummer who has worked with artists such as, "Roy Hargrove" and "Stanley Clarke".  As a teenager, Thundercat toured with, "Stanley Clark" through Japan and additionally would eventually join up with his brother as a member of the punk band called, "Suicidal Tendencies".

In this interview, Thundercat details how his stage name originated from both the American-Japanese animation show and when Erykah Badu met him at a recording studio in LA while he was working with the group, "Sa-Ra". From there they formed a natural bond and she would invite him to collaborate with her musically on her respective projects, "New Amerykah Part One" (2008) and "New Amerykah Part Two" (2010). During this NPR interviewThundercat reveals how he toured with the West Coast legendary artist, "Snoop Dogg" in the mid 2000's and how it was one of the best musical opportunities he ever experienced. It wouldn't be until Thundercat linked up with, "Flying Lotus"  and developed an unparalled chemistry with the talented multi-genre experimental producer that he would evolve musically. Thundercat is all over Flying Lotus' last three albums, which included the, "You're Dead" LP, named Best Dance album of 2014 by Rolling Stone Magazine. Accordingly so, Flying Lotus even influenced the bass guru to take his talents beyond a bass session player and to begin singing on his own cultivated solo records. Ultimately, after releasing three near-immaculate sonically cohesive solo projects, "The Golden Age of Apocalypse" (2011), "Apocalypse" (2013) and "The Beyond / Where The Giants Roam" (2015), Flying Lotus would introduce Thundercat to the Compton King MC, "Kendrick Lamar".  This would lead to a beautiful opportunity in landing himself on one of the most influential Hip-Hop masterpieces of all time, "To Pimp A Butterfly". In this Rolling Stone interview, Thundercat details his experience recording with Kendrick and how he shaped the sound of, "To Pimp A Butterfly" with TDE's in house producer, "Sounwave". Thundercat's masterful work can be heard on some of the album's funkiest tracks in, "Wesley's Theory", "These Walls", "Hood Politics" and "Complexion". Ultimately, Thundercat has always treated music as therapy and he illuminates this point in this Huck Magazine interview. Currently, Thundercat is working on another album with his musical companion, Flying Lotus, and is always following his heart which is undoubtedly noticeable in his passionately funky music compositions. 

Check out his music below and be sure to check out his newest album, "Drunk"

Thundercat - Them Changes (Live Performance)

He’ll play you a piece of a song and you’ll go, ‘OK,’ and then he’ll suddenly add the melody in and it becomes this brilliant thing”, says his long-time friend and collaborator who plays tenor on “u.” “It’s like seeing a great painter with a canvas that looks like a lot of nothing, and then one little stroke goes and you’re like, ‘Wow you saw that the whole time?’ He hears things in songs that other people don’t hear.”
— Direct Quote from saxophonist Kamasi Washington during Rolling Stone interview

Kendrick Lamar, George Clinton & Thundercat - Wesley's Theory

Money comes and goes, but when you look back on your career, you have to be able to answer to yourself: ‘Did I make the most of my time on earth?’ From here, I’m just planning on following my heart and trying to find the God in things.
— Direct Quote from Thundercat during Rolling Stone interview

Kendrick Lamar  & Thundercat - These Walls

Music is definitely therapeutic and the way to express certain things, different emotions and stuff like that. That’s what it’s been for me. It’s been very therapeutic. I look at it like that.
— Direct Quote from Thundercat from Huck Magazine interview

Flying Lotus & Thundercat - DMT Song