There are only a handful of Hip-Hop artists who contributed to the early popularization of the Hip-Hop sub-genre, "Trap Music" which includes "Gucci Mane""Young Jeezy" and most notably the undisputed King of the South known as, "T.I.". T.I. was born with the government name, "Clifford Joseph Harris Jr." in Atlanta, Georgia on September 25th, 1980. From a very early age T.I. had to deal with the duality of being heavily involved within his own two worlds that consist of his musical career and his personal street affairs. "T.I.P." is the charismatic street hustler side of Clifford that seems to continuously battle with the level-headed businessman and musician known as T.I.. 

Before T.I. even reached ten years old he had already started to fuse the worlds of his rap dreams and street dreams together as he would already have several arrests on his record by 1996 when he began to sell mixtapes out the trunk of his car. T.I.P. would get his first shot at releasing his debut album when he signed to his hometown's Premier Record Label, "LaFace Records" as a teenager in 2001 by Kawan, "KP" Panther. Unfortunately, Harris would have to change his name from T.I.P. to T.I. out of respect for his former label mate, "Q-Tip". Although T.I.'s debut album, "I'm Serious" was bolstered by stellar production from the superstar production team, "The Neptunes" it still would flop commercially and would lead to T.I. being dropped from the label consequently.

Motivated to tell his story as the, "King of the South" to the masses, T.I. would team up with his DJ, "Toomp" and his manager, "Jason Geter" to form his own his label, "Grand Hustle Entertainment". T.I. would use this new platform to sell mixtapes on the streets of Atlanta and would do so successfully with mixtapes such as, "In Da Streets Part 1" and "In Da Streets Part 2". T.I. would generate enough healthy buzz for himself with his mixtapes and his guest appearances on hit singles such as "Bone Crusher's" track, "Neva Scared" to land himself a joint venture deal with Atlantic Records

T.I.'s career would go into hyperdrive upon the release of his second album, "Trap Muzik" as it debuted in the Top 5 of Billboards Rap Album Chart in the first week of its release by moving over 100,000 units. The album bolstered a more polished and rugged artist in T.I. that birthed the singles, "24's""Be Easy" and "Let's Get Away". The album has received many major accolades including many respected Hip-Hop publications such as Complex called it one of the, "Classic Hip-Hop Album" to be released in the last decade. The album shows T.I. at his most complex and arguably the best musically and artistically in his career with his ability to manage his street and intellectual sides masterfully. The project officially stamped the beginning of T.I.'s reign as the true, "King of the South" and would continue for well over the next decade. 

Over the next ten years, T.I. has cemented himself as a true Hip-Hop veteran and arguably one of the greatest MC's of all time to ever come out of the South. Since 2003, T.I. has released 7 studio albums with 4 of them being platinum certified projects in, "Urban Legend", "King", "T.I. vs T.I.P." and "Paper Trail". Aside from his music ventures, T.I. has also found success in acting, with his most famous role being his lead in his hometown inspired film, "ATL"He has also maintained on top of his game in the business world as he owns his own nightclub, clothing lines and signed two successful artists in, "Iggy Azalea" and "Travis Scott"

Please be sure to check out some of his best work below and his extensive discography here.

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