Lamont Jody Hawkins is better known as, "U-God" who is one of the lyrical Wu-Tang clan swordsmen. He's best known for his rugged flow that shines throughout his musical discography. U-God's origin's start in his birthplace of Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York where he would go to school with his fellow Wu brethren Raekwon, Inspectah Deck, Method Man, Ghostface Killah, RZA, and GZA.

In this U-God documentary, U-God illuminated  that it took 8 years for Wu-Tang to go from the streets to dropping their debut classic album, "Enter The 36 Chambers"On the album, U-God could only leave his imprint on the project through the songs, "Protect Ya Neck" and "Da Mystery of Chessboxin'" due to his incarceration via a narcotics possession charge. Nevertheless, U-God would again showcase his sharp and straight to the point flow on many classic Wu-Tang tracks that include, "Winter Warz", "Knuckleheadz", "Investigative Reports" and "Black Jesus". U-God was also one of the only members of the Wu who had a solo track on Wu-Tang's second album, "Wu-Tang Forever" with the track, "Black Shampoo"

U-God's 2004 documentary, "Rise of a Fallen Soldier"has U-God articulating his thoughts about how he feels that he never got his chance to shine in the earlier days of the Wu-Tang clan due to supposed favoritism on the part of the Wu's executive producer, "RZA" who is known for handling the majority of the production work. Regardless of the controversy, U-God has left his imprint on Hip-Hop forever with his 4 solo albums (with his debut being arguably his best work in, "Golden Arms Redemption" that sports a title referencing one of his earlier rap monikers, "Golden Arms") and his work within one of the most significant Hip-Hop groups to ever dominate Hip-Hop's competitive arena. 

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U-God - Wildstyle SuppaFreak

U-God - Pleasure or Pain feat. Hell Razah

U-God - Golden Arms

U-God - Heads Up

U-God - Black Shampoo