What makes you Fearless?

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with the guys behind Faze Apparel and talk about fears, inspiration, and ambitions especially in regards to 8BitHipHop. It was great to open up to their thought provoking questions as well as give people a look into our studio space.

Check out a short clip below and read the full interview here.

This is our first time doing a lot of these things. We don’t know if we do ‘A’ will it lead to ‘B’ or lead to ‘C’. It is about being able to adapt and be on our feet about things. If we try something and it does not go right, we have to turn it around and figure out how to turn it into a positive. That is what makes us fearless, we are okay with jumping into something new and seeing how that can impact the people and the artists.
— Chris (Creator of 8BitHipHop)
Chris Hurtt