Hey Ma: Old School Meets New School

8bithiphop party.jpg

Our first 8BitHipHop Gallery Event was one to be remembered. We took a nontraditional approach to hosting the party as mosts guest in attendance heard about the free event not through social media, but through word of mouth. It was a collaboration of artists, musicians, photographers, and all around good people. We aimed for 150 but had nearly 400 people come and support! Walls covered in 8bithiphop artwork, an open bar, great DJs, and a room dedicated to playing Mario Kart on the Nintendo 64 were just some of the highlights we had for everyone.

Our friends over at Hey Ma, shared some photos recapping the event with special appearances from Mikos da Gawd, JR Jarris, Abjo (Soulection), Jay AntDaghe, and many more.

Check out the full article and more photos on their site!

Chris Hurtt