Province Curated Playlist

Recently, a dope London-based music blog/label reached out to us about doing a special playlist. Province is based around new music coming out around the world, giving their perspective on what you should be on the lookout for. We respect what they're doing so we were happy to create this exclusive playlist with new tracks we love.

This playlist was hand-picked by our team as a blend of upbeat vibes we like working or hanging out to. Since our brand is based around a wide range of sounds, we wanted our playlist to reflect that by only having one song from each different artists across the 15 tracks.  We hope some of these tracks will be new to you, while others will already be familiar.  All in all, this hour-long playlist should have you rocking with some of the best sounds coming out of Hip Hop today.

Listen below & check out their site for more great music content!

Chris Hurtt